Step to the Mic Kids 2016!

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Step To The Mic Kids

This singing showcase is for kids who are the ages of eight and sixteen years of age. Created by Greg Smith -Music Producer and Rena Phillips -Theatrical Producer to showcase talented kids and give them a platform to perform and grow their talent.


Kids can sing solo, in a group or band and they must provide their own music with backing tracks or and instrument. They can perform any genre of music in the show. This showcase will involve 4 Rounds of shows and at each show we will select the best talent from each show to move on to the 5th Final Round where a panel of Industry Judges will select the winner. At the final the judges will be provided a score sheet to score each contestant and the scores will be to be tallied after each contestant sings. After the last artist performs the judges will select the Top 5 scores and those contestants will be asked to come back on stage the same night and perform a second song or the same song again to be judged. Then we will select the Final Winner from the new scores.


The Prize for the winner of the finale is to film their very own music video with a song of their choice. The video will be filmed and produced by Rena Phillips and Greg Smith of Step to the Mic Entertainment.





Songs performed must be age and family appropriate, meaning no profanity or sexually explicit language. Kids should dress very nice, not showing too much skin and no pants falling below the hip line. Kids must be accompanied by an adult or guardian while at rehearsals and at the show. All kids must show up to Mic Check

Before the show and back in their seats 20 minutes prior to show time. All contestants are required to sell tickets to help provide an audience.

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